Ziggy is a laid-back guitarist and original character of Delicious 2.


Ziggy has long flat golen hair adorned with a violet headband and has a goatbeard on his chin, he wears a a purple knitted sweater and has blue pants, he always carries a softwood guitar with him.


Ziggy is a free-spirited hippy who wants people to enjoy his soothing guitar music, Emily recruits him as her very first entertainer and is a very vital asset in customer needs. He regularly spends his days in the park, sitting on a bench and playing his music.


Delicious 2Edit


Ziggy's in-game sprite.

After her 2nd day in the park, Ziggy comes to Emily with a deal, If she lets him play his guitar for the customers and make him famous then she will receive more happy cutomers' tips. Ziggy then appears from Day 3 and on as the entertainer of the park.

Ziggy is never mentioned or seen again in the series, however, his becoming an entertainer became the basis of entertainers for the rest of the restaurants of the series.

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