Paige O'Malley is Emily and Patrick's young daughter. She was born about 11 months before the beginning of Emily's New Beginning.


Personality Edit

Paige is a happy, chipper child who rarely complains. She is constantly doted over by her extended family and never wants for anything. Like Emily, Paige loves animals and makes friends easily.

Appearance Edit

By Emily's Home Sweet Home, Paige is a toddler. She has red hair and bright blue eyes. She wears a deep pink dress over a blue t-shirt.

Delicious - Emily's New Beginning Edit

At the beginning of Emily's New Beginning, Paige is almost a year old. She celebrates her first birthday at Dainton Wu's restaurant. Emily keeps Paige in the restaurant with her while she works. When Paige gets bored, she'll start to crawl around the restaurant, which may make customers gain or lose patience. However, if she is left alone for too long, she will start to cry and annoy all the customers.

Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home Edit

Two-year-old Paige and her parents just moved into a new home. Paige helps out in Emily's Garden by pouring lemonade. She makes friends with two neighborhood kids, Grace and Hemingway.

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