Norma is a formerly shy woman and an original of Delicious 2.



Norma as a clown.

Norma has a thin body like most females of the series, she has brown-hazel wavy hair and wears a

Norma as Marilyn Monroe.

ruby red dress with white frilling. She also has red high heels.

As a clown she wears white face paint, a squeaky red nose, an orange wig tied with green ribbons and she even wears a coloured variation of Emily's green dress and apron. She also wears a yellow leotard and green shoes.


Norma as a geisha

As an entertainer in the Cafeteria, Norma heavily resembles Marilyn Monroe, she wears a flowy ivory dress and ivory high heel shoes, she also wears a blonde wig and white eyeliner.

As a geisha entertainer for the Sushi Bar, Norma wears a dark blue japanese robe with red flowery design on it, she wears white geisha make up on her face and has a wig of black hair tied into a bun by 2 blue chopsticks. Norma does not have an in-game sprite of her regular appearance.


At first Norma is a very shy person and sad because Marcello had disappeared, Emily is able to make Norma happy by getting her to entertain for the customers, in the cafeteria Norma is happy again to help Emily and has shown to be angry at Marcello for leaving everyone, when Marcello returns she angrily chastises him for his disappearance. At the Sushi Bar Norma forcefully gets Marcello to help out due to him still making amends.


Delicious 2Edit


Norma as she regularly appears.

At the 3rd day of the reopened Bistro, Antonio introduces Norma to Emily hoping she can give her a job to do in the bistro, Norma is a friend of Marcello and tells Emily she is good at entertaining people and is put to work as a clown that can juggle. Later at the Cafeteria, Emily asks Norma if she can entertain customers again, agreeing to entertain, Norma works at the cafeteria resembling Marilyn Monroe, it is also during their time at the cafeteria that Marcello comes back out of the shadows to visit Norma, whom is very angry at Marcello for running off and leaving everyone to pick up the pieces he scattered. Marcello makes amends with Norma and agrees to help at the cafeteria. When Emily opens her Sushi Bar restaurant she is unable to keep up with the customer's fast demands and goes to Antonio for help, saying to recruit Norma to help her Emily acquires Norma's help as an entertainer for the bar as a geisha, later in the day Emily needs a cleaner for the bar, so Norma forcefully drags Marcello into the position as he still needs to help.

Norma is never seen or heard from again so her current status remains unknown.

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