Ludwig is the father of Richard and the main antagonist in Delicious: Emily's Taste of Fame. He is the boss of Channel Four Studios and hosted Emily's cooking show, as well as 'Live with Ted Dorton', an old talk show that was taken down when Emily was a kid.


Ludwig is a mean and bitter old man, always striving for recognition. He has insanely high standards for his son and is disappointed by his failures in the business world. He hardly cares about his TV stars on a personal level and is only in it for the money. He holds a grudge against Emily because she walked away from her cooking show, and tries to convince Richard to break up with her when he finds out that they are dating in Delicious: Emily's Taste of Fame.


Ludwig is an overweight elder man. He has white hair and brown eyes, and a mole on his left cheek. He is frowning most of the time, and usually wears a black D&K trenchcoat over a typical suit and tie. He also wears black leather gloves and expensive black shoes.


Delicious: Emily's Taste of FameEdit

Ludwig has invited Emily for a testing for her new cooking show, but her car breaks down on the way there and she ends up stuck in the small rural town of Snuggford. Ludwig is outraged and decides to test her by having her prepare a set amount of dishes within a certain time limit. Emily takes nearly a month to get her car fixed and leave for the studio, with Ludwig continuously harassing her. She arrives seconds before her first show and is put to work immediately. However, Emily finds out that her show focuses on advertising and raking in money more than the actual cooking and she decides to escape back to Snuggford. Ludwig is left with no choice but to let Ted Dorton make a comeback.

Delicious: Emily's Holiday SeasonEdit


Ludwig in Delicious: Emily's Holiday Season

In this game, it is revealed that Ludwig has a son, Richard. Their relationship is very poor because Ludwig is always pushing Richard to do better. He is informed that Richard bought the Snuggford Hotel and comes over to check things out. When he finds out that Emily is Richard's new girlfriend, he immediately orders him to break up and fire her. Richard convinces them to have a talk, and Emily will have to answer several questions throughout the day. When she refuses to say that she is sorry about running away from the studio, Ludwig storms off angry and Richard goes after him. Emily is upset that he chose his father over her and they soon break up.


Ludwig is a German name that means 'famous warrior'. It was most likely chosen because it sounds intimidating.


-In the game files of Delicious: Emily's Taste of Fame, Ludwig is simply referred to as 'TV Boss'.

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