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There are a number of types of products that customers can order, which increases in number and complexity as the game progresses.

  • Products that are ready to serve, and have no limit capacity. When ordered, these items can be served right away, without preparing or restocking.
  • Products that need to be combined, and restocked after a few servings. Nachos, for instance, need to be combined with a dip before they can be served. The Nacho-machine holds only a number of servings, and needs to be refilled when or before it's empty, before nachos can be served again.
  • Products that are first combined, and then stocked up to 9 items. Ice cream for instance is made by combining basic vanilla ice cream with a choice of fruit.
  • Products that are first grilled or baked, and then prepared. Crepes for instance are first baked a few seconds, and are then combined with ice cream. Steaks can be prepared as medium or well-done, depending on how long it's grilled. These items will burn if they are baked too long though.
  • Products that are prepared using a timer that must be stopped in time, such as crème brûlée or profiteroles.
  • Products that need to be stirred from time to time otherwise they'll spill or burn, such as soups.

Delicious: Emily's Tea GardenEdit

Hank's Western BBQ & GrillEdit

Ready to serve items:

  • Chicken wing
  • Corn cob
  • Milk
  • Root beer

Combining items:

  • Nachos (stocked up to 4) combined with:
    • Guacamole dip
    • Salsa dip

Grilled items:

  • Ribs combined with:
    • Hot sauce
    • Sweet sauce
  • Steak (medium or well-done)

Beach ClubEdit

Diced fruit, smoothie, or ice cream (pineapple, kiwi or strawberry), coconut drink, watermelon, powerbar, super powerbar

Fish RestaurantEdit

Salmon or turbot (w/ salt & pepper or citrus), white wine, sparkling water, paella, squid rings, caviar, mussels, lobster

Posh RestaurantEdit

Icon potatodish3

Hidden third potato dish

French bread (used as appetizer), asparagus, escargot or lambrack (combined w/ one of two potato dishes), wine, sparkling water, crêpe (w/ cherry or vanilla ice cream), crème brûlée.


A picture of a third potato dish are hidden in the game files.

Tea GardenEdit

Hot tea or ice tea (mint, green or redbush), juice (orange, grapefruit or mixed), scone, muffin, fried egg (w/ spring onions or pepper), profiteroles

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