Jimmy is a character from the Delicious series and Angela's ex-husband. He's always on the lookout for a new enterprise to make money.

Emily's True Love Edit

Jimmy is first introduced in Delicious - Emily's True Love after Angela announces out of the blue that they're getting married.

Emily's Wonder Wedding Edit

Jimmy brings his friends by the wedding chapel to help Emily taste cakes, but concluded that they all tasted terrible. He and Angela also bring his speedboat to Ireland while Patrick is secretly preparing the wedding.

In the ten bonus levels available in the premium version, after Patrick follows Emily to Ireland, Jimmy convinces Edward into helping him turn Emily's terrace into a luau-themed restaurant which he calls "Edwardo's Place."

Emily's Honeymoon Cruise Edit

Jimmy purchases a cruise ship and becomes her captain immediately after Emily and Patrick get married, and insist the two of them spend their honeymoon aboard. During the bonus episode in the premium version, Jimmy sells the ship, claiming that it's too stressful a job.

Emily's New Beginning Edit

Jimmy gives Paige a lighter as a Christmas present, for which Emily immediately reprimands him.

Angela's Sweet Revenge Edit

Angela finds out that Jimmy has been cheating on her with her boss Yum-Mee and publicly embarrasses them both. She also gives Jimmy back her wedding ring.

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