Freddy Fries is the main antagonist of Delicious 2. He is portraited as a villainous tycoon/mobster who is after Uncle Antonio's restaurants because of a gamble money Marcello Napoli owes him.


Freddy Fries is shown as ruthless, unpleasant, oportunistic man. He takes advantage of Marcello's addiction to gambling and convinces him of betting the Bistro's earnings on the race track. After Marcello loses the bet and disappears, Freddy threatens Uncle Antonio and block his reastaurants until the debt is paid.


Freddy Fries is a heavy-set man. He has long brown hair that curls at the base of the neck, thick lips and a goatee. He is always seen wearing dark sunglasses, a pinstripe light brown suit, a light blue shirt and a white dollar-sign tie.

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