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November 30, 2011



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Delicious - Emily's True Love or Delicious 7 is the seventh installment of the Delicious series. GameHouse released it on November 30, 2011.

The Platinum/Premium Edition is the same game but with bonus features, including 10 bonus game play levels, 10 exclusive restaurant items, a helpful strategy guide, a Delicious screensaver, and (computer) wallpapers.

There are walkthroughs available at GameHouse blog [1] and Casual Game Guide[2]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Emily’s restaurant has been open for a year! But even a successful business is not enough to keep the weddings from appearing in her dreams. She knows she has so much in her life, but it would still be lovely to encounter true love with a person with whom she could share her bounty.

Could a mysterious letter from her past lead her to the true love she so craves?

Ooo la la, it’s from Jean Paul, the boy from Paris! How magical that summer had been! All this time she thought he had given up on her, and now she learns that he had felt the same way about her! Mon Dieu! Emily decides to take a chance on love and sets out on an epic journey to find her old flame.[3]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Recurring Characters[edit | edit source]

New Characters[edit | edit source]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Basics[edit | edit source]

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The game includes five restaurants of ten days each, with the days divided into 5 major events that guide the direction the history will take.

Each day Emily must achieve a certain goal in a set amount of time and optionally an expert goal. ​Customers come in (alone or in a group) and choose to either sit down at a table, at the bar counter or take out. Emily must serve them and accept payment before they become impatient and leave. Order sizes vary from 1 to 2 items for a single customer, and up to 4 items for a group.

There are types of items that customers can order, which increases in number and complexity as the game progresses.

New Features[edit | edit source]

One new big feature of this game is the intelligent register line, in which the customers do not wait one behind another if there's a space vacant. This improvement from previous games helps the player maintain the customers high level of satisfaction and form combos of action more easily. Target score and expert score are now shown through stars during the level; a blue one for target and a gold one for expert.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

This game continues the mouse mini-game, in which the player must click on the mouse that pops on the screen every now then. The mouse will give you 100 points and a trophy can be earned for catching all 50 mice. The game also continues the line of mini-games through each day in which you have to fulfill an action (clean dirty dishes from previous day, collect scattered objects on the screen, etc.) that gives you a certain amount of points when completed.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

See also: Trophies, Easter eggs

There are 26 trophies to be earned on this game. They take the form of chocolates on a heart-shaped valentines box. After you finish the game, Emily and Patrick are shown tasting the chocolate and talking about the situations in which each trophy is won. You can also access this by selecting the Taste option on the Trophies Screen.

Home: Finish the first restaurant.

Time flies: Finish the second restaurant.

Leaving your tracks: Finish the third restaurant.

Haute cuisine: Finish the fourth restaurant.

The finishing touch: Finish the fifth restaurant.

Ka-Chinggg: Use your register one-thousand times.

That's pretty cheesy: Serve 150 dishes using any kind of cheese as an ingredient.

Ectasy: Make sure all your customers in Restaurant 5 return leave feeling ecstatic during a day.

Combolicious: Get a 2 costumer bonus three times in a row.

Delicious expert: Achieve expert score on all days.

Trying for target: Get only the target score three days in a row.

Making Snuggy proud: Find the mouse in every level.

Saving for the future: Have 1000 Decoration money or more your checkbook.

Three Variations: Place three variations of a single product on your tray.

Sweet Tooth: Fill your tray with desserts 10 times.

Making Evelyn proud: Finish 5 successive days whitout leaving any dirty tables before closing.

Oops I did it again: Delete 20 items from your tray and complete the day.

Let me entertain you: Entertain all seated customers during a whole day.

Making some room: Clean a table customerss are waiting to sit there.

Keep on walking: Let Emily walk 15 miles.

Shopping spree: Buy all shop items in all five restaurants.

Ring the bell: Pick 50 bell peppers during a day.

Serving charcoal: Burn ten dishes and complete the day on expert.

I'll take that two: Deliver the same order two times in a row.

Women's intuition: Have a complete order on your tray before the order is placed, two times in a row

Deliciously quick: Serve 100 products each within 5 seconds

Restaurants[edit | edit source]

See also: Storyline, Products, Decorations

Emily's Place[edit | edit source]

Plot Overview: Emily receives a letter from her romance of 16 years ago. She and her florist, Partick, also show feelings towards each other. At the end, she decides to go to Paris to find Jean Paul.

Emily's Place is the first restaurant. It is a small town cafe that has 9 unique deliverable items.

  • Ready to serve items:
    • Cookie
    • Cheesecake
    • Tea
    • Italian ice
    • Chocolate milk
    • Newspaper
  • Combining items:
    • Bruschetta combined with:
      • Lettuce
      • Tomato
      • Mozzarella
      • Olive
  • Baked items:
    • Bell pepper (stocked up to 9) combined with:
      • Rice
      • Meat
  • Timer items:
    • Coffee

The decoration is exhibited on a catalog. There are 8 decorations available to be bought, costing a total of $2.550.

  • Chairs 'n Tables: Improve costumer patience with these comfortable chairs and tables. Cost: $300.
  • Ceiling fan: Cool down hot headed customers with this ceiling fan. Cost: $200.
  • Kitchen: Serve your hungry customers faster than ever with this shiny new kitchen. Cost: $500.
  • Service Pack (Exclusive Premium Content): Add a little service and your customers feel more generous. Cost: $200.
  • Large Pepper Plant: Blossoms keep your customers in a good mood and when peppers arrive you'll have increased stock. Cost: $350.
  • Comfy Corner: This comfy corner keeps customers happy for longer. Cost: $500.
  • Rugs 'n Cushions (Exclusive Premium Content): Customers feel right at home and increase their tip with these rugs and cushions. Cost: $400.
  • Fresh Flowers: Subscribe for fresh flowers every other day and brighten up everyone's day. Improves your tip. Cost: $100.

The cleaner of this restaurant is Emily's mother, Evelyn, unlocked on Day 3. The entertainer is François, impersonating a mimic for the customers. He is unlocked on Day 6. On Day 7 Emily's Father, Edward, takes the roll of cleaning due to her mother being busy with this day's mini-game. On Day 10 Edward takes the roll of entertaining due to François being busy running the restaurant in Emily's absence. He makes paper dolls for the customers.

Carmen's Comedor[edit | edit source]

Plot Overview: Thanks to a little volcano, Emily’s plane is diverted to Madrid, Spain. So until she gets her luggage, she helps out at Carmen’s Comedor – a busy restaurant in the airport.[4]

Carmen's Comedor is the second restaurant. It is an airport restaurant that has 12 unique deliverable items, related to both Spanish cuisine and culture:

  • Ready to serve items:
    • Sangria
    • Coffee
    • Flamenco Hat
    • Flamenco Fan
    • Sunglass
  • Combining items:
    • Churro combined with:
      • Chocolate
    • Palmera combined with:
      • Chocolate
  • Restocking items:
    • Jamón Ibérico (stocked up to 6)
    • Spanish Sausage (stocked up to 6)
  • Baked items:
    • Paella combined with:
      • Seafood
      • Chili pepper
      • Chicken
    • Calamari combined with:
      • Hot sauce
    • Patatas Bravas combined with:
      • Hot sauce

The decoration is exhibited on a catalog. There are 8 decorations available to be bought, costing a total of $2.450.

  • Chairs 'n Tables: Sit down and relax. These comfortable chairs and tables increase customer's patience. Cost: $400.
  • Exotic big plant: Cheer customers up with this exotic big plant. Cost: $150.
  • Kitchen: Please airport customers by providing super-fast service. Cost: $500.
  • Souvenir Stand: People love local souvenirs and it shows in their tips. Cost: $200.
  • Entrance decoration: Bienvenido a Madrid! This entrance makes your customers happy. Cost: $400.
  • Exotic plants: Keep your customers in a great mood with these exotic plants. Cost: $250.
  • TV Advertisement (Exclusive Premium Content): Advertising delicious local treats attracts the purple lady bonus customer. Cost: $300.
  • Big Rug (Exclusive Premium Content): Increase Emily's speed with this nice looking big rug. Cost: $250.

The cleaner of this restaurant is Carmen, the restaurant's owner, unlocked on Day 2. The entertainer is a flight attendant that dances flamenco for the customers. She is unlocked on Day 6.

Fresco's Diner Express[edit | edit source]

Plot Overview: Emily is finally in France and is headed to Paris by train. Suitcase in hand, she comes across “Fresco’s,” a dining car restaurant that has seen better days. Behind the counter is Franco, a father of five who is panicking at the thought of an impending health inspection. Emily offers to help the man out, then finds herself running the whole operation. Mais non![5]

Fresco's Diner Express is the third restaurant. It is a train restaurant that has 8 unique deliverable items.

  • Ready to serve items:
    • Baguette
    • Croissant
    • Milk
    • Magazine.
  • Combining items:
    • Toast (stocked up to 6) combined with:
      • Cheese
      • Ham
      • Jam
    • Salad combined with:
      • Carrots
      • Cucumber
      • Tomato
      • Shrimp
  • Timer items:
    • Strawberry combined with:
      • Glass (to make juice)
      • Ice cream
    • Orange combined with:
      • Glass (to make juice)
      • Ice cream
    • Kiwi combined with:
      • Glass (to make juice)
      • Ice cream

The decoration is exhibited on a catalog. There are 8 decorations available to be bought, costing a total of $2.200.

  • Chairs 'n Tables: Make this ride even more comfy with these new chairs and tables. Cost: $400.
  • Monkey: This furry little monkey stocks magazines like crazy. Cost: $400.
  • Kitchen: This new kitchen makes Emily even more efficient. Cost: $500.
  • Bar 'n stools (Exclusive Premium Content): Keep your bar customers happy with these new stools and bar. Cost: $250.
  • Window curtains: These cozy curtains improve customer's tip. Cost: $350.
  • Chandeliers: Customers appreciate the improved atmosphere of these chandeliers, provides an extra tip. Cost: $200.
  • Painting of Paris (Exclusive Premium Content): Destination Paris! Customers will daydream about the most romantic city on earth, increase their patience. Cost: $200.
  • Boards 'n plants: Brighten up your customers with these new boards and plants. Cost: $300.

The cleaner of this restaurant is Fresco, the restaurant's owner, unlocked on Day 2. The entertainer is a train conductor that plays with a scale model train for the customers. He is unlocked on Day 6.

Chez Jean-Paul[edit | edit source]

Plot Overview: Emily finally arrives in Paris and meets Jean Paul, who sweeps her off her feet and promises to take her away to the country. Meanwhile, she meets a flower seller, Amelie, who expects her boyfriend to propose. The two girls create a friendship, but later realizes that Jean Paul is two timing the both of them. Heartbroken, Emily goes back home.

Chez Jean-Paul is the fourth restaurant. It is a typical French restaurant that has 12 unique deliverable items.

  • Ready to serve items:
    • Crème brûlée
    • Chocolate cake
    • Fruitcake
    • Lemon water
    • Oyster
    • Caviar
  • Combining items:
    • French Onion Soup (stocked up to 6) combined with:
      • Parsley
      • Bread
    • Asparagus combined with:
      • White sauce
      • Red sauce
    • Lamb's meat combined with:
      • White sauce
      • Red sauce
    • Salmon combined with:
      • White sauce
      • Red sauce
  • Baked items:
    • Lobster
    • Crab

The decoration is exhibited on a catalog. There are 8 decorations available to be bought, costing a total of $2.550.

  • Chairs 'n Tables: Customers are more patient in these romantic chairs and tables. Cost: $400.
  • Flowers in pot: Romance and flowers go hand in hand. Improves tips! Cost: $300.
  • Kitchen: A 2-star restaurant deserves a 2-star kitchen, improves efficiency. Cost: $500.
  • Balustrade garlands: Make this place even more romantic with these balustrade garlands. Cost: $300.
  • Pond fishes (Exclusive Premium Content): Add a bit more life to the pond, increases tips. Cost: $250.
  • Fountain: Customers love to throw in a little extra to make their wish come true. Cost: $400.
  • Carpet: Increase Emily's walking speed with these new carpets. Cost: $100.
  • Dish tables (Exclusive Premium Content): Nice decorative table that increase Emily's efficiency. Cost: $300.

The cleaner of this restaurant is Nadia, the restaurant's waitress, unlocked on Day 2. The entertainer is a painter that makes a canvas of the customers. He is unlocked on Day 6.

Refurbished Emily's Place[edit | edit source]

Plot Overview: The scene is bleak upon Emily’s return. It’s pouring rain, and her beloved restaurant has been badly damaged. But when she walks in she doesn’t even have it in her to get too upset about it. After all, she’s heartbroken.[6]

Emily's Place is the fifth restaurant. It has been redecorated, with a new fresh and vivid atmosphere, and has 9 unique deliverable items.

  • Ready to serve items:
    • Apple pie
    • Donut
    • Tea
    • Club Sandwich (comes in 3 sizes: 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3)
  • Combining items:
    • Fruits basket combined with:
      • Banana
      • Apple
      • Pear
    • Pancake combined with:
      • Cherry sauce
      • Chocolate sauce
    • Egg combined with:
      • Cup
  • Baked items:
    • Lasagna (can be stacked up to 2 layers of sauce) combined with:
      • Tomato sauce
      • Basil
      • Herbs
  • Timer items:
    • Latte Macchiato

The decoration is exhibited on a catalog. There are 8 decorations available to be bought, costing a total of $2.550.

  • Chairs 'n Tables: These chairs will turn everyone into a regular customer, increases patience. Cost: $400.
  • Repair Edwards chair: Send Edward's favorite chair to be repaired, and make his day. Cost: $200.
  • Kitchen: Be a bit more efficient with this new kitchen. Cost: $500.
  • Beaded Curtains (Exclusive Premium Content): These colorful beaded curtains improve your customer's mood. Cost: $200.
  • Emily sign: This new sign attracts a grumpy old man bonus customer. Cost: $400.
  • Comfy Corner: Get extra comfortable and improve customer's patience with this new comfy corner. Cost: $300.
  • New rugs: Increase Emily's walk speed with these new rugs. Cost: $200.
  • Stained Glass (Exclusive Premium Content): Get an even better mood in Emily's Place with these stained glass windows. Cost: $350.

The cleaner of this restaurant is Emily's mother, Evelyn, unlocked on Day 1. The entertainer is François, who is teaching Emily's new puppy some tricks in front of the customers. He is unlocked on Day 6.

François' Place (Exclusive Premium Content)[edit | edit source]

On these 10 bonus levels the player will have the chance to play as François while he and Emily's family take care of her place while she's away on Europe.

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