• Carolccute


    August 20, 2017 by Carolccute

    Hey guys! It's me again! :)

    First of all I've seen some great movements at the wikia like the creation of new pages, and I'm so happy that we have new editors contributing. Thank you all very much and welcome to the group!

    Now onto some more delicate issues... Reviving an old blog post by Wingwolf456, let's talk about spoilers. I think we should be extremely careful on what we write about the games (new or old) regarding game plot. Knowing what happens at the end of the game spoils much of the fun and magic, so let's try to write stuff that doesn't give that up.

    What is ok:                                                                

    • Photos released by GameHouse
    • Teaser pictures
    • Release dates
    • Minor events
    • Characters (without revealing too much)
    • L…
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  • Carolccute

    New Admin

    August 5, 2017 by Carolccute

    Hi everybody!

    Hope you're all doing fine! After a week of waiting, I've been finally made admin of Delicious wiki. YAY =D

    I'm super thrilled to now be able to make this wiki grow along with this amazing series, but for that we need all help we can get. If you're a fan of the series and wish to add content, pictures, or just talk about what you love most, give a look around and think about join our community. Everybody is more than welcome!

    I will be trying to fix the home page, wiki layout and these kind of things over the next weeks, so if anyone is willing to help with something that needs more access than the regular editor, please send me a message so we can talk about it.

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  • Carolccute

    Fix broken links

    July 31, 2017 by Carolccute

    Hey guys! For the past few days I've been trying to fix some pages on this wikia, but there's still a lot to do. I know there are a some editors that focus mainly on the characters page, so I'd like to ask you guys help with fixing the broken/missing links there. Some links appear as missing only due to misspelling of the related wikia page, so we need to go there and put the correct link/name. It's a little burdensome, but this is one of the steps in the direction of a better wikia. You can check out which pages have missing links here.

    ~carolccute~ The world is quiet here

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  • Carolccute

    Adoption of the Wiki

    July 26, 2017 by Carolccute

    Hi guys!

    Hope you're all great! So, as the title says, I was thinking of trying to adopt this wiki. I've known about it's existence since 2014 or before, and I've tried updating a few articles to have as much information as possible. I haven't been very active lately, but when I am I focus on the game pages (gameplay, plot, restaurant details, pictures).

    I've tried creating a model game page (see Delicious - Emily's True Love page) on how the game page could be and I was planning to use it for the rest of the games, but then I found out there's a Gamplay page, a Trophies page and then everything got super confused and messed up. The structure of the wiki is a bit confusing, so there are doubled information some places.

    Both the owner and the …

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  • PrincessRosalina


    May 27, 2017 by PrincessRosalina

    I'm a new Wiki Contributor of Delicious Wiki. I've started playing Delicious Games since 2011, and now I've keep updated on more information on new Delicious Games & their spin-offs. I'm also the founder of Snuggford Community Group on Facebook.

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  • Wingwolf456

    So, this is my first blog, hehe...

    I wanted to quickly talk about a 'No Spoilers Warning' I am setting for the new '2020 game.' 

    What is acceptable:                                                                                                                   

    • Teaser pictures, release dates, minor events and characters.

    What is unacceptable:

    • Major events, spoilers, and location pictures.

    Why this movement?

    Answer: A lot of people got upset after a few people spoiled Home Sweet Home before the release date. And I don't want myself or any other editor to go through the stress of deleting a bunch of mad-spam from commenting sections.

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  • DarlaDash

    Favorite Restaurant

    April 6, 2011 by DarlaDash

    Leave answer in the comments.

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  • DarlaDash

    Although I love Emily I really enjoyed the girl Norma from DD2.

    Too bad we never see her again.

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  • DarlaDash

    I enjoyed the past love Hunter from Childhood Memories.

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